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Glass First Surface Mirrors


· Available in 6 mm & 3 mm thickness.
· Mirror coated glass with 94% reflectance.
· Superior flatness and minimal distortion.
· Mirror shipped with protectve laminate coating.
· Custom cut rectangular mirrors to 32"x 50".
· Quantity discounts available. Call us for pricing.


· Industrial precision optics.
· Government suppliers.
· Military & commercial simulators
· Custom audio/visual manufacturers & integrators.
· Custom OEM laser optics manufacturing.
· Scientific and test equipment manufacturing.
· Astonomy
· Broadcasting
· Projection
· 3D Scanners/Printers

We stock full size 36" x 50" mirrors in both 3 mm and 6mm thickness for quick order turn around. Custom cut mirrors from 5" x 5" to 18" x 18" are available.

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stacked full sheets of first surface mirror
seaming table

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3D Scanner/Printer Mirrors

Mirotek's 3mm optical-quality first surface mirrors are incorporated into the design of stereo lithographic (3D) printers and scanners for use in commercial and military applications, rapid prototyping, manufacturing and custom fabrication, medical applications, laser engraving, & mobile mapping and surveying.

Call us for details.

laser beam bouncing off first surface mirror
  First surface mirror being used for Laser Sintering.


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