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For over 15 years, Mirotek has served it's valued customers as a full-service distributor of optical quality first surface glass mirrors. Our customers come to us from a diverse range of industries including:

· Industrial precision optics.
· Government suppliers.
· Military & commercial simulators
· Custom audio/visual manufacturers & integrators.
· Custom OEM laser optics manufacturing.
· Scientific and test equipment manufacturing.
· Astonomy
· Broadcasting
· Projection
· 3D Scanners/Printers

Rack with large sheets of first surface mirror

Why First Surface Mirrors?

First surface mirrors, sometimes called front surface mirrors, have their reflective surface applied to the front surface of the glass substrate. This is done to reduce the chance of distortion and "ghosting" from secondary refraction as light passes through the glass to the reflective surface and then back through the glass as in second or rear surface mirrors. First surface mirrors are essential for certain applications where light is being manipulated and distortion must be minimized. Typical uses include telescopes, periscopes, laser optics, military & commercial simulators, cameras and most recently 3D scanners.

Mirotek optical quality mirrors are available in both 3mm & 6mm thickness. The largest sheet available is 36" x 50". Custom cut rectangular mirrors are available for sizes 5" x 5" to 32" x 50". For custom cut mirrors greater than 18" x 18" or smaller than 5" x 5", please call (310) 639-1681 for a quote. Mirrors can be ordered online and orders are processed within one business day. Quantity orders are welcome.

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